12 Great Geeky Gadgets for 2017

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Are you looking for something special to give the geeks in your life this holiday season? Take a look at my gift guide for some awesome techie suggestions!

Ok. Things are cool. I like things. I will not be shamed in to not liking things. Some of my favorite things though, are things that satisfy the tech-tastic geek in me…techy tools and gadgets. So I’ve gathered up a few of those things to share with you guys, because I thought you might know someone who likes things as well! Or maybe you like things? Who cares…buy ALL the things!!

Just so you know, there are Amazon affiliate links here. If you click through those links and pick something up we do get a portion of that back and that helps us keep our websites, streams, and videos running. That in NO WAY affects what I’m recommending here. I showing you these things because I absolutely use them, believe in them, and think you will like them too.

Multi-Angle Stand for Phone/Switch/Tablet

I thought this might be slightly helpful…maybe just a little convenient. I was wrong. This thing is LIFE CHANGING! I already have 2 and am considering a 3rd. I keep one on my desk, which is extra helpful now that I’ve got an iPhone X that works off of face recognition. Since the phone sits upright on the stand, I can just look at it without really having to do anything when notifications pop up. I keep the other on my nightstand, so I can drift off watching a few ASMR videos on YouTube. It’s super sturdy and can be situated in most any position. I also love that it’s got padding to protect your devices.

Rotating Neck Stand for Phone

I genuinely thought this was the dumbest thing I’d ever seen. But it was on sale and I have a problem with impulse control. Sometimes that works out for me, and this is one of those times. I cannot believe how much use I’ve gotten out of this stupid little neck stand. Generally, my hands start to fall asleep if I hold my phone up for too long (I should probably see a doctor about this), but that issue is totally alleviated when I’m using this little dude. It’s perfect for watching your favorite Twitch streamer, catching up on news articles, and reading your favorite Kindle book, regardless of where you are or what you’re doing (except don’t use it while you’re driving).

Retractable Cord Car Charger

I. Cannot. Stand. Cords. In. My. Way.

I mean, that’s pretty much all you need to know here. It also has an extra USB port so you can charge your iPhone AND your iPad (or external charger or Apple Watch or friend’s phone or whatever other device you might have on hand).

Tablet Holder for Mic Stand

You may not know this, but I’m actually a singer/songwriter when I’m not playing D&D. This mic stand tablet holder is legitimately something I could not perform without. My brain does not memorize chords/lyrics, so I use an app on my iPad to hold all of that info. It adjusts in like 100 different ways and comes with attachments for tons of different tablet types. I use it with the app “OnSong” and it’s almost like I’m a real musician.

Amazon Echo Dot

I have no idea how I lived life before Echo Dot. I bought my first and within 3 months had acquired 4 more. Catch them on sale and you can usually grab 3 for $100 or less! I use it primarily to control my smart home objects and to add items to my to-do lists. I’ve found them to be priceless at this point!

Phillips Hue Smart Light Bulbs

So. Cool. Just SO effing cool! Yes, these are expensive, and yes, they’re a bit lazy. But if you like gadgets like I do, they’re one of the coolest things you can own. I’ve got some lamps that are pretty hard to reach, so adding smart bulbs has allowed me to finally USE those lamps. If I forget to turn off the lights downstairs, I can turn them off without ever getting out from under my covers ,which is important considering the pups have already been crated for the night and if I go downstairs it’ll rile them up again. It may take me 10 years, but eventually I’ll replace every dumb bulb with one of these smart bulbs

Etekcity Smart Sockets

The Hue bulbs are awesome. But as I mentioned, they’re not cheap. These Elekty smart sockets though, are incredibly reasonably priced! You can buy them in 4 packs, and they don’t require an extra hub like the Hue bulbs do. Since I can’t afford to refurbish my entire house with smart bulbs at this time, I’ve bought a bunch of these smart sockets instead. They still work with Amazon’s Alexa, and they allow me to turn several devices off and on with one command by attaching a multi-socket surge protector, like the one mentioned later in this gift guide.

Wuteku Ultraslim Magnetic Cell Phone Holder

Here in Austin, we have very strict hands-free driving laws, meaning we’re not allowed to touch our phone while we’re driving. I’ve had the hardest time finding something to hold my phone that wasn’t going to fall off constantly (the heat makes suction cups pretty worthless) or get in my way (no way in hell am I sticking something in one of my air vents that’s going to block that sweet, sweet AC). This little gadget jumps to the rescue! It uses ultra strong, yet ultra safe and removable 3m tape to bond to your dash or console, and incredibly strong magnets to bond to your phone. And yes, I’ve removed those as well before with ZERO damage to my phone. I highly recommend this little doo-dad!

EPauto Portable Air Compressor Pump

Being a pretty paranoid person makes for some pretty rough road trips. I’m constantly worried about getting flat tires. This portable air compressor has made all the difference for me. I know that I can travel anywhere and, short of a total blowout, get there without any trouble. The pump plugs in to your cigarette lighter, takes up almost zero space in the trunk, fills your tires up fast, and shuts off when it hits the optimal tire pressure. You have no excuse not to own one.

Gold Plated Apple Watch Band with Matching Cover

I’m pretty obsessed with my Apple Watch, no lie. But the standard sport bands I have aren’t very stylish. When I go out, I like to make sure everything matches, so I started looking for ways to make my Apple Watch look a bit more “high class.” I found this gorgeous gold band and matching cover and never looked back. I love that it’s got a classic men’s watchband feel to it since I was always a fan of the “boyfriend watch” look. I’ve gotten so many complements on it, and most from people that don’t even realize it’s an Apple Watch…they just like the band. I’ve got a silver one as well and my wardrobe is complete.

MiLocks Electronic Touchpad Keyless Door Lock

This might not seem practical at first, but think about it. You’ve got roommates. Those roommates are cool, but you don’t know all their friends or who they might bring home from the bar on Friday night. You’ve got a really nice TV in your room or streaming equipment or a bad-ass computer or a stash of cash for a rainy day etc. I was in that exact situation, and I wasn’t comfortable leaving my stuff unprotected when I was out of town for work, which I was most every week. I added these touch-pad locks to each door I didn’t want any strangers having access to, and it gave me so much peace of mind. Totally worth the price.

Belkin 3-Outlet Mini Travel Surge Protector

I don’t care if I’m at a 5-star hotel or my mom’s house, there are never enough plugs for all of my devices/chargers. This little guy gives me 3 outlets and 2 USB ports, plus it swivels! So no matter what kind of space you’ve got available, there’s a good chance it’ll fit right in. If you travel at all, then you definitely need one of these!

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