2016 New Years Resolution Q1 Update – BoardGame.new()

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Mary the KnittingDev is back on the topic of New Years Resolutions with this first quarter update. What has gone well? What will she have to work on in Q2 to accomplish her year long goals? Watch to find out.

I’m happy to report that my resolutions are going fairly well. Though my resolutions have been currently maintainable, the quarter ahead of me will be challenging with conventions, graduations and all other means of obligation. With that said, some of the conventions I’m going to will help in pushing some of the bigger goals to the next level.

Working on the board game has proven to be tough, and the more we work on it the more I’m unsure we’ll produce it this year. We’ve got a great concept, and some core mechanics, but there is a LOT of refinement needed before we pitch this to the Intellectual Property owners. I really hope we can pitch it by Q2, so I can finally chat with all The Weirdlings about it.

The goal I thought would be hardest to keep has thus far been the easiest. When I first set my goals, I was sure keeping a monthly gaming day going would be near impossible. Since February, we’ve made every month happen and I’m proud of that.

Overall, I’m pleased to report success in Q1. I look forward to reporting back in Q2. How are you’re resolutions shaping up this year? Have you been able to keep them, or have you needed to change your priorities?

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