Danni Danger’s Weird Adventures take us to Comic Book Land

Danni Danger loves comic books and she’s bringing that love to you in her new series for The Weirdlings!

Comic books have been part of the story behind the Weird Girls series since day one. It only makes sense that as we continue to expand the Weird Girls brand to other outlets that we HAD to hit comic books. That’s where Danni Danger comes in.

We’re working with the great folks at Austin Books and Comics to bring you reviews and recommendations about comics, old and new. We’ll also share info with newbies to the comic world on how you can jump in and not be overwhelmed by all of the work that’s out there.

We’re just getting started, so take a look at Danni Danger’s intro and let us know what you think. We’d love to hear from you. And make sure to follow Danni on Twitter @DanniDanger. She’s still new to the Twitter-verse so make her feel welcome.


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Danni Danger reviews comics, makes pull-list videos, cosplays, and interviews comic creators, artists, and authors with one mission in mind, to bring comic books to new audiences.