Emma’s Favorite Place – Warm and Fuzzy Beaches

Today I would like to talk about one of my most favorite things in the world. It is that wonderful feeling of contentment and joy you feel when you’re at a place you love, with people you love; all your work is completely done and everything seems right and good and beautiful in the world.

This feeling comes more frequently for some, and less for others, and not to mention in drastically different places. For me, it’s at the beach.

Be it east or west coast, hot or cold, sunny or cloudy, the beach gives me those warm and fuzzy I-want-to-hug-everyone-in-the-world feelings. The sand between my toes and the wind in my fingers, ocean spray tossed this way and that … I can’t even describe it. But I know you all know what I mean, even if the beach isn’t the place that does it for you. You have that one place or town or even room that makes you as happy as happy can be.

So here are some photos I’ve taken when I’m at the beach, fully engulfed in the wonderfulness of it and being content, trying to put into pictures as best I could, how happy I was in these moments.

May you all be carried to your place of contentment very soon, and thank you God for creating beaches.

P.S. and a HUUUGE thanks to the oh so lovely lady and great friend Audrey who is the model in all of these photos! (psst, check her out on Instagram folks: @alltheworldsastage_ )


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