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Mary the KnittingDev is taking you on a mystical vacation, join her as she build a resort for heroes in the board game Epic Resort.

Epic Resort sits on a pedestal of pride in my collection. It was the first Indie game I purchased at an convention from the indie game developer himself. Buying Epic Resort and getting to hear the story of it’s creation along with the gameplay demoed by the one person who would know it best wrapped an already fun game in this magical aura of pride.

Since purchasing this game, I’ve paid even more attention to what it takes to create and publish games. Some would say this is the game that sparked the interest of creation.

Creating this video, I realized that in the sub-ten minute video format I couldn’t do it complete justice. This game has a lot of moving pieces, but those pieces together create a fun and memorable experience. Mark and I worked hard on distilling the point of this game to it’s core bits so that The Weirdlings could have the best picture possible.

I highly recommend this game, and I hope you have the opportunity to pick it as well as the expansion on Kickstarter.


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