Family Portraits: Getting to know more of Emma

Remember how last week I said that this would be part two of us knowing each other? Well, in order to know me, you have to know what’s important to me: namely, my family.

HAPPY EASTER, EVERYONE! I hope you’ve been having a fabulous day, I know I certainly have! Mostly, It’s been hanging out with my family. We went to church this fine sunday morning, and afterwards my parents took me and my sister on a surprise brunch date to Bartlett’s, one of our favorite restaurants.

Now, as I sit here in the living room, watching my sister reading fanatically while my parents chat and watch Food Network, I am so happy. I’m not even sure why. I guess it’s because I realize how much I love and appreciate them, and how without them around, I would most likely be miserable.

So I’ve put together this collection of pictures of my immediate family that I’ve taken over a year or two; featuring my charismatic, unique, stylish, photographer father, Jack (picture 1); my fabulous, sunny-dispositioned, beautiful mother, Shannon (picture 2); and my adorable, loving, patient younger sister, Audrey (picture 4). Anyone else in these pictures, are cousins and/or grandparents.¬†Get to know them:)

And drop me a comment. Tell me what’s important to you? If we’re going to be friends, I have to know a little about you too.

Until next time, all. Have a wonderful week <3

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