Geek Meets Cute with Diana Sprinkle’s art

Diana Sprinkles Siamese Cats

Diana Sprinkle’s illustrations and comic art nail the melding of cuteness with geek culture, with an occasional dash of “What the …?” These are some of my favorite designs.

Diana Sprinkle graduated from the University of Texas in Austin with her degree in Art and now she makes her living off of her work. That is what we call “living the dream.”

She’s got a nice site you should definitely check out to see a lot of her work. Most of the designs you see are available on t-shirts, hence the obvious t-shirt in some of the pictures. Her online store doesn’t have a lot of her designs that I know she sells, so look for her at your next Comic-Con. She’ll definitely be at San Diego Comic Con this year; find her booth and grab a t-shirt or two.

Siamese kitties


Death Rides a Pink Pony

Zombified Cat Stripes


Cat Puking Kittens

i haz solution

Hugasaurus Rex

It Came From the Future!

Break a leg

Beam Me Up Scotty Dog

Mopping Flying Monkey

Caught it!


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