Jessica Mills chats with McKenna (plus Kristin Chenoweth)

You know when you just click with someone right off and feel like you know them already? Well, meeting Jessica Mills was just like that. She is sooo fun and full of energy – just like me. Us theatre people—jeez! My cheeks still hurt from the laughter.

This interview was like a sleepover, only without the pillow fights and shaving cream. However, pillows were involved now that I think about it. We even played with action figures. Is she a Trekie or a Warsian? Warsian?—Warsy?—I don’t know, you get the idea. Whichever side she geeks for, you will have a good, cheek-cramping time.

Speaking of geeking out. I had the most AMAZING experience last week and I want to share. It was all about fate that night and it was in my favor. Never before have the pieces to a puzzle fallen into place like they did that night.

Cool enough that my mom surprised me with tickets to go see Kristin Chenoweth live in concert.

Cool enough that we sat on the sixth row.

Stuart Smalley

Not so cool that I had the makings of a lobotomy when K.C. asked for volunteers to come up and sing “For Good” from Wicked with her and I, all of a sudden, could not remember one lyric, even though Wicked is one of my favorite musicals and I can sing that whole show in my sleep! So I panicked and quickly lowered my hand, thus losing the opportunity. But that’s … OK.

Additionally cool, that a friend of mine, also going to the concert, stopped by the same restaurant before the show and got to eat with us—because we just happened to be seated ahead of them at a table for four, and just had room to add two more. Hmm …

BUT, the craziest part was after the concert. We were supposed to meet back up with my friend (different seats) to walk back to the car. For some reason, they had to go on ahead and told us not to wait. So we decided to head to the bathrooms before the trip home. Maybe TMI but an important piece to the puzzle, because these bathrooms happened to be located down in a dungeon, or so it seemed with the amount of stair-age you had to travel to get to them.

Kristin Chenowith


When we resurfaced—the large crowd was gone and there was a small crowd forming at the top of the stairs by our exit. I didn’t really notice it but as we rounded the corner to leave, my mom stopped to say something about the group of people. We looked up  and out of nowhere we recognized someone that works at the theatre where I take classes and where my mom teaches. He reaches over to get something, asking at the same time if we would like to go to the talk back with K.C. I don’t think either one of us realized what he was saying until he pulled out two black wristbands. (OK, if you paid attention in my last vlog, you saw the wristband. I’m never taking it off!)


AHHHHHHH! Are you kidding me?! Soooo awesome! So — we went into a room with 25ish people (family, friends, us) and waited to have our private little conversation with her and then take some pictures. She is the coolest person! So sweet, so genuine, so adorable. Thank you Mr. David G.! That is a memory that will last a lifetime! That and this black wristband, I’m hoping.

If you get a chance, don’t miss Kristin Chenoweth live in concert! It’s awesome! One minute she sings with a full-on legitimate voice, the next with an adorable country twang, and then musical theatre in between. And, of course, funny the entire time. Amazing!!

Instead of a fun fact this week I think a little gripe is in order. This happens to be finals week UGH! Can we lay off of the testing already? We just finished STAAR testing and now we have to do finals? What more can we possibly know?

But on that subject (‘school’ … ‘subject’ … come on, kids, work with me here). I want to find positive thoughts about school and mention some people that have always been there and supported me when I was no bigger than a little grain of couscous.

Night at the Museum

Ahh, you get one anyway … FUN FACT: LOVE LOVE the Night At The Museum movies starring Ben Stiller. And you should know by now, after watching vlog #2, how I feel about him! We quote the movies as often as we watch them: repeatedly.

Back to the ‘subject’ at hand … I was so fortunate to go to the elementary school that I went to. It is a public school, but it was like a home away from home. So much so, that when I had to go to junior high, it was like I left home. Not an easy adjustment! Anyway, all of my teachers were wonderful and supportive and still are to this day. They go to my shows, keep up with what’s new, and are reading and following this blog right now. Even the teachers I didn’t have are supportive. (Check out the pictures below for their names and grades taught.)

BUT I do want to make a special shout out to is Mr. Bowyer (pronounced boy-yer), the principal of the school and head of my second family. He has been there every step of the way. When he could have been upset that I was getting out for yet another audition/rehearsal/show, he would ask what I doing this time and then wish me luck. Now he just keeps asking when I’m going to make him some money, like any good second dad/manager would. Haha! They are all very special to me and I want them to know how much they mean to me and how much I appreciate them! I have some great teachers now too that I appreciate, but I thought I would take it one building at a time.

UGH! Back to the books.

Before I go: the question for you on this blog – Do you have a special teacher that made a difference in your life? And why? Let me know.

I’m out. Be you—stay weird!


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