Kaiju Art Show and one of the Artists Behind It

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Guzu Gallery in Austin is having an art exhibit celebrating the Japanese Kaiju phenomenon. Danni Danger talked to one of the featured artists, Tim Doyle.

For those of you who don’t know, Kaiju are (not to put too fine a point on it) big-ass monsters. Literally it means “Strange Beast,” which is coincidentally also the name of the art show at Guzu.¬†From Godzilla to Mothra to Rodan, these giant monsters seem to be everywhere.

Opening on Friday, November 30th, artists from around the country will have their interpretations of kaiju on display and for sale. One of the artists is Tim Doyle, from Nakatomi Inc. Nakatomi had a booth at Austin Comic Con and Danni had a chance to talk with him about all the fun going on right now.

So check out the interview and let us know your take on Kaiju. Does the 50-foot Woman count? If you want to check out the opening night festivities, the start at 7 pm at Guzu Gallery in Austin, Texas.

See you there!


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