Locke and Key – Smart, spine-tingling comic book horror

Locke and Key combines a gritty, scary story with amazing artwork to bring to life a haunting, Eisner Award-winning comic book that’s sure to make it a little harder to sleep at night.

Joe Hill and Gabriel Rodriguez joined forces to make Locke and Key into one of the best and scariest comics of recent memory. It even got a pilot made for FOX. (Unfortunately, they passed on the show.)

Fortunately for us, the story is still going on. It’s also one of Danni Danger’s favorite books. She even has her own brain map like Bode does in the story.

Bode’s Brain

Danni’s Brain

 Bode's brain  Danni's brain

Check out Danni’s video and let us know what you think. What kind of key would you make for Keyhouse?


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