McKenna, Superwoman, Neopets, and Guerilla Marketing

McKenna recently took her first trip to Austin to shoot a quick interview with Director Emily Hagins. Her first vloggity-vlog is up now!

This will be the first of many vlogs and more videos that we’re putting together for The Weirdlings, so now’s the time to make sure you’re subscribed to Lovable Varmint Productions on YouTube. (FYI: Lovable Varmint Productions is the name of the Prod Co putting this shindig together.)

So …

Lovable Varmint Production YouTube Channel or just go ahead and subscribe with this link.

Be on the look out for more vlogs as well as interviews with awesome people involved with making The Weirdlings happen, or just involved generally. We’re also working on some other blogs and videos that will be amazing, so keep your eyes peeled. We’re hoping to roll those out in the next week or two.

So what did you think of McKenna’s first video? What was your favorite Neopet?


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