Music, Star Wars, and more Pfun stuff with McKenna

McKenna here! I’m back and I’m here to talk about music. And some Star Wars.

(Cue interesting, happy, upbeat travel music …)

My second interview leads me to Pflugerville, where everyone enjoys Pfamily Pfun. They are even gearing up for their own Pfestival. (I don’t make these things up, people; it’s on the signs.)

What other Pfantastical things are in Pflugerville, you ask? Why, none other than film composer extraordinaire Brian Satterwhite. I can’t wait for you to see this interview: we talk about everything from writing movie and web series scores to his Star Wars figurine collections to what got him started in film scoring and what he would grab first in a fire! Now quick—everyone knock on wood three times! We will have no fires!!

Next, cue the soundtrack to Bring It On: The Musical (quick shout out: just found out they are Broadway bound! Whoop woop—CONGRATS!!) because that is what is playing on the inside of the car and we (mom, bro, me) are all jamming and singing at the top of our lungs to “It’s All Happening”, “Ain’t No Thing,” and “Enjoy The Trip.” OK, I said soundtrack, but they have only released three songs so far—recorded in my home town while the show was here, I might add!! Love the cast, love the show, love the music!

Curious question: Why do we say, ’at the top of our lungs’ ? Because, really, if you are singing at the top of your lungs, you are shallow breathing and therefore would not be able to sing very loudly. The saying should actually be, ’from the bottom of your lungs’ because then you are filling up your lungs with air and are able to project loudly. Hmm to the Hmm.

And speaking of musicals, I might have had a callback for a really cool musical that morning before we left for the land of Pf, and I might have been down to the last five for the lead! Hint in the pic …

Hint Hint

Very surreal, very surreal … but awesome, all the same! Fingers crossed, but however it goes, it was the best day ever! Uh oh, I just quoted Phineas & Pferb. Yep, I’m a fan! (See what I did there with the (P)? Stay with me!)

Cue theme music from P & F (“there’s a hundred and four days of summer vacation and …”) Are you singing? You know, you know this!!

I will leave you with a fun fact. This week you get a curious question AND a fun fact. Kinda like a bonus track!

***FUN FACT***

Flavorful fun! Have you ever seen these machines at an eating establishment?

Well, they are awesome! You pick your starting drink, Coke, Sprite, water, etc., then you can add flavorings to it. The cool thing that I just found out is that at midnight, all over the world, computers calculate what machines sold the most of what flavoring and after a while, if that stays consistent for that area, Coca Cola will bottle that flavored drink and put it on the shelves. I hear peach Pflavored Sprite is a hit.

Music to my ears! And on that note (ahh … ’note’ … ’ music’ … I can’t be stopped) what film do you remember most because of the music?

Stay tuned for my vlog, coming up, with more craziness about my interview with Brian Satterwhite and the story behind the pictures you see below!

Cue ending music … more traveling music, I think, as we watch the car be-bop off into the solar-eclipsed sunset ….

I’m out—be you—stay weird!


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