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Join Mary the KnittingDev as she discusses her latest two player board game obsession, Patchwork from Mayfair Games! In this strategic two player game you will fight against time and your opponent to build the best quilt, loser will be left out in the cold!

Patchwork was and still is my biggest board game surprise of 2015. I remember when I first saw it on shelves and thought, “No one is going to play this or buy it! I’m a knitter and I won’t buy it.”. Man, was I WRONG.

One day after a video shoot, Mark asked me if I wanted to play Patchwork which he’d gotten as a gift. I, the ever adventurous board gamer, have never turned down the opportunity to play a new-to-me board game. Sure, I may have thought the theme was going to be lame, but it’s was a chance to learn new mechanics and add to the ever growing list of games I’ve played before.

I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly I took to the game. Trying to find the best combination of time and buttons spent. Manipulating pieces on my board in hopes that I could just score that 7×7 grid before Mark had the chance. Patchwork had worked it’s way into my heart, I had to have it.

During PAX South, my lovely friend Joseph gifted the game to Andy and I. I couldn’t wait to play the game again. That night we stayed up after the con, opened up the newly purchased Patchwork and played over drinks. Though Andy won most games, I enjoyed every minute of it. Since Patchwork, I’ve learned to judge a game less by it’s theme and more by it’s gameplay.

What games have you played that had a theme you didn’t think would work well? What surprised you the most about that experience?

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