Q2 & Q3 Resolutions Update – BoardGame.new()

It’s been a while since Mary the KnittingDev has updated us Weirdlings on her Board Gaming New Year’s Resolutions. Join us for an update, as well as a surprise furry visitor.

Where did the time go? We’re getting close to the end of Q3 already, and I didn’t even update you lovely Weirdlings on how my resolutions are going.

As you probably remember, at the beginning of this year I made five resolutions to try and keep this year:

  1. Learn what it takes to publish a board game
  2. Publish my first board game
  3. Play board games at least once a month with friends
  4. Learn a new board game every quarter
  5. Compete in a Board Gaming competition

Each of these resolutions have been worked towards with different success this last six months, but to be honest I wish I was close to completion on some of these goals. Be sure to watch the video for more details.

How’re your board gaming resolutions going? Wish you all the best in this last bit of 2016!

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Mary the KnittingDev hosts a series called BoardGame.new() where she reviews board games as well as talks latest board game news. Sometimes you can catch her livestreaming live coding sessions on twitch.tv. When she's not programming (which is rare these days), you can usually find her playing board games with friends, knitting needles in hand. Mary aspires is to bring the love of gaming and programming to everyone, and we'd love for you to join her on this adventure!