Terracotta Titanic doesn’t float

Hard to believe that I would even come out of the house after getting to meet Kristin Chenoweth but … I did.  And I ended up on the Titanic!

I hardly ever get any time to just hang—someone in this artsy-fartsy house always has a schedule to keep. So the summer time is special because it offers an hour or two to at least get around and do something different.

We see a lot of movies—in fact, you might say we live for new movie Friday. Madagascar 3 is great—and not just because I heart Ben Stiller’s work and want to do a movie with him. cheesy smile

First on our list this summer was a trip to see the Titanic exhibit with a bonus visit to see the Terracotta warriors. And by ‘bonus’ I mean awesomeness!  Make sure you watch my next vlog, where I take you with me on my adventure. There were some surprises too, like, I don’t know, maybe the warrior came to life and danced with my bro?


Titanic Artifact Exhibit I’ve always been intrigued by what happened to the Titanic, but seeing real artifacts from the wreckage was amazing! They recreated some of the hallways and rooms so it’s like you’re actually there—crazy! You get to touch an actual piece of the ship. You see sheet music and clarinet reeds that they recovered—cool and yuck all at the same time.

People’s glasses, pieces of clothing and luggage all made it to the surface. A rack of dishes that were packed, dishwasher style, but in a crate, fell flat on the sandy ocean floor and then when the crate dissolved, over time, the dishes still sat up perfectly in the sand—so cool! They also found vials of perfume that you can still smell. And they smell good!

There are other things they did to make you feel like you are a part of the story, but you’ll have to tune in to the vlog for that.


I’ve also got another interview coming your way. This time I venture to a world unknown to me, but kinda similar at the same time. I’ve heard of LARPing, but I never thought I would learn how to become a LARPster.

Heroic interactive Theatre
My interview is with John Garcia, the Austin chapter director of the Heroic Interactive Theatre. Not only did I get the lowdown on the rules and how to’s, I even got some lessons on battle technique. Something I will be using in part 2 of that interview when I actually go with them on one of their gatherings and try LARPing on for size.

I gotta say I was a little unsure about the interview, but John made it all sound like live theatre, in the woods. Right up my alley! However, I’m really nervous about participating in the event itself. Even though I know more than I did, it’s like I’m crashing someone else’s party. BUT, I’ll let you know how it goes! Seize the day, right?! Now, to come up with a character and costume. Hmmm …

And last but not least, there is a new addition to the family. His/her name is Bacon, and he/she is the new hamster on the block. He/she arrived in a school bus (hamster size, of course) and has now moved into chateau Bacon. Not sure why Miles came up with the name Bacon but it stuck. Just like the time he named a stray Chihuahua that found us, Alakatooka. Tookie for short. What the heck? Oh well, it has charm, just like Bacon.

Okay, I’m off to LARP. Tune in for more summer fun …

Stay true to you … stay weird!


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