“The Hunger Games” opens Friday and the reviews are in

Katniss with her bow

The reviews roll in for Jennifer Lawrence and The Hunger Games. So far they just make me want to see it even more.

While I don’t always put a lot of faith in the accuracy of movie reviews, Rotten Tomatoes has The Hunger Games sitting at a comfortable 88% Fresh. That’s a great score and makes me wish I was in line at a theatre right now.

Katniss and Peeta training

The most exciting part for me is that there seems to be fairly universal praise for Jennifer Lawrence. Katniss Everdeen is one of my favorite characters, despite making me mad a few times in The Mockingjay, and word is that Lawrence knocked it out of the park. She has the perfect look and an Academy Award nomination so I would hope so. You know there’s a ton of pressure on her to pull it off so this just adds to her credibility.

Here are a few of the reviews from sites that I like. While there are some who felt a little disappointed, they overall seem really positive.

The Mary Sue – Jill Pantozzi

The Hunger Games lived up to the hype it’s been getting and I’m happy to be able to add to it. This film will make millions and millions of dollars not just because it’s based on a beloved novel but because it’s truly entertaining and expertly crafted in all areas.

The Nerdist – Luke Y. Thompson

… it may put an end to the myth that fanboys just want to hate on any film series that girls like. In turn, maybe girls will actually demand better franchises, especially if they take to heart the whole message about becoming a better media manipulator.”
Effie Trinket

Badass Digest – Devin Faraci

But even with those problems The Hunger Games is largely a triumph of smart, brave, timely, heady science fiction that recalls the 60s and 70s era of big idea scifi … Am I Team Gale or Team Peeta? Neither, because Katniss is so kick-ass she doesn’t need either of these dweebs.

Rolling Stone – Peter Travers

…Lawrence, 21, is an acting dynamo with the skills to let us into Katniss’ searching mind. Last year, Lawrence won an Oscar nomination for playing an Ozark girl in Winter’s Bone. She’s just as affecting this time, lending primal force to this dystopian fable of a society out of sync with human values.

Ain’t It Cool News – Billy Donnelly

A stellar cast makes the performances of these characters work, but the layers that are missing from them take the film down a few notches … The Hunger Games is better than okay, but good or great it is not.

Ain’t It Cool News – Raven McCoy

It brought to life a rich, futuristic world that took you on an exciting, emotional and thought provoking ride while remaining grounded and dark instead of becoming some romanticized version of the story. It is an excellent adaptation of Collins’ thrilling novel that hits all the major points, works for both those who’ve read the book and those who haven’t, and I cannot wait to see what they have in store for Catching Fire next year.

Ain’t It Cool News – Eric Vespe

While I didn’t fully connect with it, the film is by no means a hollow piece of fluff and for that to be said about a big studio young adult franchise picture is high praise just by itself.

It seems almost silly to ask at this point, but are you going to see The Hunger Games? Or are you already in line?

And don’t forget to watch these deleted scenes from Daily Grace, but be careful for spoilers.


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