The Twitch Streaming Gift Guide for 2017

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It’s never a bad time to get something special for the streamer in your life, and now’s the perfect time to grab something off of my gift guide for your favorite streamer.

Streaming can be tough. It’s exhausting and fun and exciting and stressful and even more adjectives that I can’t think of right at this moment but that’s okay. These are all amazing things that I use to make my streams look and sound better to stand out in the crowd on Twitch.

Just so you know, there are Amazon affiliate links here. If you click through those links and pick something up we do get a portion of that back and that helps us keep our websites, streams, and videos running. That in NO WAY affects what I’m recommending here. I showing you these things because I absolutely use them, believe in them, and think you will like them too.

Halter Adjustable Ergonomic Foot Rest

This is, by far, one of the best purchases I have ever made. I tried everything before…boxes, pillows, containers, an actual stool. NOTHING was comfortable. This little foot rest changed everything. It’s the perfect height, is super sturdy, and also adjusts easily with just a push of the foot. As a bonus benefit, it’s a great “fidget toy” when your feet need to move around a bit during a 12-hour stream!

Logitech c922 Webcam

I know the Logitech c920 is the usual cam of choice for streamers, but I actually suggest checking out the c922. It’s ALMOST exactly the same, but for just a few more bucks you’ll get an incredible feature: This thing can make a dark area look like it’s totally lit up! It’s crazy! You might not even need a lighting set up if you’re using the c922. I use it as a secondary “puppy cam.” It points in to a dark corner where my pups like to sleep, but you’d never be able to tell how dark that corner was by looking at my stream. Plus, if you don’t want to use a green screen, but still want the benefits of having one, this cam can remove the background automatically. NO GREEN SCREEN REQUIRED!


Blue Yeti USB Microphone

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with my Yeti. The first few streams with it were infuriating because I just wasn’t getting the quality sound I was expecting from it. But after doing a little research and playing with the settings, I’ve found it to be everything I wanted and more. Yes it’s fickle and yes it’ll take a bit of tinkering to get it right…but in the end, it is TOTALLY worth it!

Cable Management Sleeves

I went SO LONG without using anything like this. And that was just dumb. But I am less dumb now and own a TON of these! The best part is all the little holes so the cables can be pulled out closest to their respective destination. No. The best part is how easy to zip it all up is. NO. The best part is the durable material that’s not going to tear while I’m setting everything up! ALL the parts are the best parts, really.

Essentials Racing Style Gaming Chair

I’ve dreamed of owning a DX Racer for a long time. But…they’re expensive. I found this chair during the Prime Day sale, but even without the extra discount, this chair is an AMAZING value for the price! It is soooo comfortable! Plus, I’m legit obsessed with lime green. It’s everything that I’d been looking to get out of a gaming chair!

LimoStudio 700w Photo Softbox Set

This setup is PERFECT for vlogging and creating your own YouTube series. It’s easy to move around, and has a very natural light to it. Plus, it’s so much easier to just buy something as a set than it is to mess with buying all the pieces separately. You can also use this for photoshoots (iPhone X Portrait Mode, amiright??), and for snapping pics of that old PlayStation 2 you’re going to sell on eBay.

Mr. Coffee Mug Warmer

When I’m not drinking Monster Zero Ultra to get me through a long stream, I’m definitely drinking coffee (or sometimes hot tea if I plan to sleep at some point). The problem is, I get super wrapped up in the game and by the time I go to take a drink of coffee, it’s already cold. This little savior changed everything! Now I can make an extra large mug full of sweet, sweet caffeine and it will last me all night if I need it to. So simple. So revolutionary!

Avermedia Live Gamer Extreme

You may not realize, but I run my streams off of a laptop. A badass laptop, but a laptop nonetheless. Running all of the programs to make a successful stream puts a huge strain on my CPU. I knew I wanted a capture card to play the God of War games on stream via my PS4, but what I didn’t even consider was how much of a difference running games through a capture card would make to my CPU and general stream health. I love my PC, but this capture card makes ALL the difference when you’re dealing with a stream setup that would otherwise struggle. It’s generally awesome to share my PS4 games on stream, but the smoothness with which I’m able to do so is a huge added bonus.

CowboyStudio 9-inch Portable Softboxes

Wanna know what my secret lighting weapon is? It’s these 3 items. Soft boxes, daylight bulbs, and swing arms! These little pop-up soft boxes are PERFECT when you don’t have a ton of space, or you just don’t want huge lighting rigs taking up your floor space. I’ve got 3 of these to minimize shadows, and they provide just the right amount of filtering to keep the light looking natural.

TCP 6-pack 60watt Daylight Bulbs (5000k)

I don’t know what I’d do without daylight bulbs. These are so wonderful. The light comes out beautifully, and they don’t get nearly as hot as traditional bulbs. Use them with the soft boxes and swing arms, and you’ll have a pro setup in minutes!

Globe Electric 32-inch Swing Arm Lamp

Yes, yes, yes. I’m so incredibly happy I found these! They clamp on to my desk and take up almost no space. The daylight bulbs and soft boxes I noted fit perfectly, and the swing/hinged arm allows me to place the lights EXACTLY where I need theme!

Microsoft Xbox One Controller (Wired) for Windows

I’ve never claimed to be a great gamer. In fact, I’m pretty bad. But force me to use a keyboard/mouse and I become downright unbearable, even to myself! The wired Xbox One controller for Windows is a literal godsend for me. It allows me to focus on the game, rather than figuring out how in the hell to Sneak and why it takes 7 keys for me to Jump. Don’t fall for the hype of the wireless dongle though! It rarely works and is not worth the stress, especially if you’re streaming. This wired version has PLENTY of slack for you to lean back and relax!

HyperX Cloud 2 Gaming Headset

These. Are. AMAZING.

How could you possibly go wrong with HyperX anyway? This Cloud 2 headset is leaps and bounds ahead of anything else I’ve tried. First of all, it actually fits me. I’ve got a pretty small head and it’s genuinely difficult to find headsets/headphones that aren’t way too big for me, even at the smallest setting. These fit PERFECTLY. My ears stay cool and comfy, they’ve never started hurting or bothering me, and I’ve streamed for as many as 18 hours in one sitting. The sound is beautiful and the 7.1 setting adds so much depth! I love that you can use it with either the USB or the standard headphone jack. Plus,the mic sounds really good for a headset mic! I can adjust the volume in my ears without affecting the stream sound setup, and never have to worry about wrecking the headset since it comes with an awesome, padded travel bag! Overall, a fantastic buy!

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